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Smart Manufacturing has been defined as the notion of orchestrating physical and digital processes within factories and across other supply chain functions to optimize current and future supply and demand requirements. This is accomplished by transforming and improving ways in which people, process and technology operate to deliver the critical information needed to impact decision quality, efficiency, cost and agility. The role of integrated metrology in Smart Manufacturing is critical to providing process intellect, enabling closed-loop feedback, thus allowing manufacturing systems to adapt appropriately in ensuring optimized production.

The big change that integrated metrology brings is that of inspection process automation alongside the increasing role of advanced sensors. This month we were awash on the news desk with both product and application stories highlighting how the metrology equipment supply industry has risen to the challenge of integrated metrology. The much talked about theory of smart manufacturing is now a physical reality with manufacturing entities taking-up the challenge and installing automated metrology systems in increasing numbers.

To enable integrated metrology, inspection technologies are being matched with industrial robots, to either manipulate the sensor around the part or to load/unload inspection system with parts. Industrial robots are becoming integral to integrated metrology for many part inspection application. In addition to the many industrial robot stories featured this month we also saw robotic drones becoming an integrated participant in the carrying and manipulation of scanning sensors to perform automated inspection tasks inside of the factory.

With the issue of labour shortages impacting the manufacturing sector it comes as no surprise to read that N.A. robot sales have returned to pre-pandemic levels. The A3 organization, who report the robot statistics stated “While companies have long realized that automation increases efficiencies, expands production and empowers human employees to do more valuable tasks, the pandemic helped even more industries realize those benefits.” Another recent report by the International Federation of Robots announced that the global installed base of industrial robots has now surpassed 3 million units with an estimated 13% further growth predicted in 2021.

While it’s too early to gauge how physical exhibition events are performing, post pandemic, as aids to the introduction to potential prospects of these new integrated metrology solutions, the first indications from recent trade-shows are that traffic is significantly down from pre-COVID levels and that disappointment prevails in the exhibitor communities. Interestingly many of the visitor numbers being published by organizers are now being ’rounded’ while some are no longer reporting actual visitors but participants, which include all of those involved in manning the exhibits and engaging with visitors, which in itself tells a story.

Over 90 articles were published in the month and we highlight below in this month’s magazine selected published articles from the month. The complete library of October articles can be accessed by clicking here.

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Drone-Integrated Metrology Takes Flight at Lockheed Martin

The F-35 Lightning II is an all-weather stealth combat aircraft. it is critical that the ‘as built’ metrology is confirmed as ‘near perfect’ to the design. Currently, inspection is done by hand at Lockheed Martin’s production facility. Gantries are assembled above the craft and workers use handheld scanners extended at arm’s length … read more

Metrology Grade 3D Scanner Provides Freedom-to-Measure

API has announced the introduction of its next generation of iScan3D Laser Scanner featuring improved optics and blue crossed laser lines for fast and accurate metrology grade point cloud creation. iScan3D is the third-generation version of API’s metrology-grade scanner, that integrates with its Radian Tracker … read more

DWFritz Launches Rotational Metrology Platform

DWFritz Metrology has announced the launch of its ZeroTouch Rotational Metrology Platform (ZTR). ZeroTouch ZTR is a non-contact, micron-level, high-speed metrology and inspection platform designed to simultaneously capture and measure multiple part features for rotors. stators, brake disks, and other parts that fit within the cylindrical envelope … read more

GelSight Mobile Series 2 Offers Compact and Ergonomic Tactile Measurement

GelSight has introduced the latest version of its GelSight Mobile probe, the Series 2. This new generation of GelSight’s mobile device offers a sleek form-factor that is one-third lighter and less than half the volume of its predecessor, allowing it to scan surfaces in tighter spaces, while maintaining accuracy, speed, and field of view … read more

Mahr Showcases Cylindrical CMM With Multisensor Technology

At the EMO 2021 expo Mahr introduced its new Cylindrical Coordinate Measuring Machine (cCMM). The Mar4D PLQ has been specifically developed for the measurement, close to production, of rotationally symmetrical workpieces. The Mar4D PLQ represents a state-of-the-art multisensor solution incorporating both optical and tactile measurement sensors in a single setup … read more

3D Adhesive Bead Inspection Laser Sensor

Increasing demands for product quality and, as a result, high-quality adhesive bonds are becoming ever more important in the automotive industry. With RTVision.3d from QUISS, it is now possible not only to measure the width, position, and continuity of the bead application but also its height. This provides insights into … read more

Vision Sensor with Built-in AI

The IV3 series of vision sensors with built-in artificial intelligence (AI) from Keyence provides flexibility for mistake and error-proofing in manufacturing. All settings, including illumination intensity, flash method, and exposure time, are automatically configured by the AI. The ideal imaging conditions can be derived for any environment or target conditions to …. read more

Xposure Photometry Offers Fast Inline 3D Surface Scanning

Xposure:Photometry, developed by the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), is a fast inline 3D surface scanner realised by a high-speed smart camera. It is designed for optical inline surface inspection tasks common in many industrial manufacturing processes. Conventional 2D scanning methods cannot distinguish between pseudo defects – dirt on the surface … read more

3D Sensor Scans Transparent Objects

A new measurement method for 3D shape acquisition has been developed by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (IOF). With their ‘MWIR-3D sensor’, they can scan objects three-dimensionally, regardless of whether they are made of transparent plastic or glass. Even objects with shiny metallic or … read more

Ground-Breaking 3D Sensors For High-Precision Glass Inspection Launched

SmartRay has launched a new 3D sensor for glass inspection adding significant value to the production process through improved quality and accuracy. The new ECCO 95.025G is an economic and compact sensor, developed to meet the challenges of scanning transparent and highly reflective surfaces. Historically, 3D glass scanning using laser triangulation … read more

3D Scanning Cell Accommodates Custom Configurations

Creaform has announced the latest additions to its R-Series robotic inspection lineup, including a new MetraSCAN-R BLACK | Elite HD with improved performance as well as a new edition of VXelements designed for long-term support (LTS). This state-of-the-art set of solutions also includes a new version of VXscan-R module specially … read more

Reliable 3D Measurement Ensures High-Quality Injection-Molded Components

Reflective and glossy surfaces often enable the creation of high-quality and individual designs. As such, the demand for products with reflective surfaces is increasing continuously. These include housing parts for electronic devices, displays, rear-view mirrors, or deflection mirrors in head-up displays, as well as car exterior components such as B pillars … read more

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