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New Traffic Ticket Management System Being Implemented – Jamaica Information Service


As part of efforts to bolster efficiency and effectiveness in the enforcement of the road traffic rules while restoring public order, the Government is implementing a new Traffic Ticket Management System (TTMS).

The Traffic Ticket Management System is a centralised web-based platform, designed to improve traffic ticket management from the point of issuance to either the payment of fines at tax offices or adjudication in court.

Through the project, smart android devices and portable printers will be used to facilitate the electronic issuance of traffic tickets.

A smart android device and portable printer that will be carried by traffic police in the Corporate Area to will facilitate the electronic issuance of traffic tickets, among other things.


The devices will allow for electronic recording of tickets, eliminating the need for manual data entry, and give police officers the ability to reference driver and vehicle information, including ticket history, outstanding tickets, and warrants.

All traffic tickets issued with the devices will instantly be uploaded to a centralised database, which is accessible by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), the traffic courts and all other government agencies that depend on accurate, timely traffic ticket information to fulfil their mandates.

Providing an update on the system, Senior Director, Major Technology Transformation Branch at the Ministry of National Security, Arvel Grant, says the pilot phase of the programme will come to an end during the summer.

“We have been working with e-Gov Jamaica to develop the electronic ticketing component.  That app or system development is complete now and we are in the final stages of just doing some preliminary checks and getting the last bit of equipment to roll that out,” Mr. Grant says.

“So, over the course of this summer, persons will see the final parts of that pilot where officers will be pulling them over and checking their documents with an electronic device, and if they have committed an infraction, then they will receive what we will call an electronic ticket,” he adds.

He says the system will improve on the existing arrangement, which sometimes resulted in inefficiencies. He adds that the aim is to improve efficiency in the process.

“When we looked at all the various issues for all the stakeholders – from the courts, police, tax office, citizens and the motoring public, the primary challenge was that the information was on paper,” the Senior Director explains.

“The tickets are being written on paper, the paper has to move from the police to a data entry station, from data entry to courts to tax office, and inefficiency creeps in at each stage where this paper has to be moved or where data has to be entered,” Mr. Grant states.

He informs that under the new arrangement, motorists will have the option to provide officers with an email address to receive their tickets.

“They will get a printout plus the ticket, so they will have that paper and they will have that record, but they will also be able to give the officer an email address and the ticket information would be sent to their email,” he shares.

Mr. Grant says once the ticket has been received, they will be able to log on to Tax Administration Jamaica’s website and make payment to the ticket.

“It’s a fully integrated system right throughout and I know that persons will definitely see the benefits from that improved efficiency. So, during this summer, they will definitely see that happening,” he points out.

During his contribution to the 2021/22 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives, Minister of National Security, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang said the new ticketing system “will make a big difference to public order”.

Under the pilot phase of the initiative, 100 ruggedised android devices and portable printers were rolled out for use.

The Handheld Traffic Ticketing Software was developed by e-Gov Jamaica in consultation with the Ministry of National Security and JCF.

The advanced system will require police officers to input an offender’s motor-vehicle particulars along with the offence committed under the Road Traffic Act on an android device.

Subsequently, a printed copy of the traffic ticket will be generated. The ticketing system will also offer an improved citizen experience by providing a digital copy of the traffic ticket via email.

The new system facilitates ease of retrieval of documents and increases accountability because tickets issued can be easily tracked. The increased efficiency created by using the new system, will enable police personnel to pay greater focus on major crimes.

To support the enforcement of public order and safety operations through technology, the handheld ticketing software is integrated with the Government of Jamaica databases for driver’s licences, motor-vehicle registrations and vehicle insurance.

This allows for officers to check for expired licences, insurance, and registration, while also giving officers real-time access to wanted persons and stolen vehicle databases while in the field.


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