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Metamaterial Inc. (CSE:MMAT)


Mastering Light with Smart Materials

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Almost every great advancement in technology can be attributed to a breakthrough in materials science. The Industrial Revolution was driven in large part by advancements in the metallurgy of iron and steel, enabling the harnessing of steam power and the construction of sophisticated machinery. The discovery of semiconducting materials and the means of chemically modifying their properties led to the invention of the transistor, and the enablement of the Digital Age in which we live.

We are now in the midst of another revolution in materials science involving the invisible world of nanotechnologies, nanostructures, and metamaterials, materials that can manipulate and utilize light and other forms of energy in new ways, many of them previously thought impossible.

Metamaterial Inc. (“META”) (CSE:MMAT) specializes in the design and nanofabrication of highly functional materials designed to improve the ways we interact with and benefit from light and other forms of energy. Using advanced proprietary and environmentally sustainable technologies, META harnesses the power of light by reflecting, absorbing, or enhancing it in exciting, often revolutionary, new ways. The scientists and engineers at META consider themselves to be at the forefront of this current revolution in materials science.

The META Mission: To Make Products Smarter and More Sustainable by Mastering Light with Advanced Materials

The META Vision: To Democratize Nanomaterials and Help Improve Human Life

What META Does

META designs and manufactures functional films that are engineered at nanoscopic levels to control light and other electromagnetic waves.  META’s products are called metamaterials because they have advanced properties not inherent in the material’s original form.

META’s products can be used in a growing number of applications:

  • To block harmful light such as green laser or ultraviolet radiation
  • To gather and redirect light to improve solar panel performance
  • To improve performance of optical displays
  • To replace transparent conductive materials on touch screens, LCD or OLED displays
  • Defogging or de-icing windows.
  • The acquisition or enhancement of signals for non-invasive medical imaging such as MRI, or for sensing applications such as glucose monitoring.

How META Does It

META has invented three core technologies:

  1. META’s holographic technology enables the company to modify the properties of proprietary polymer films at the molecular level to achieve desired effects. For illustration, imagine an immense lighthouse multi-element, glass lens system (Fresnel lens), completely implemented at nano scale in a thin film.
  2. META’s lithographic technology enables the printing of conductive patterns, fine enough to be invisible on a transparent film.
  3. META’s wireless sensing technology enables the sensing and control of electromagnetic waves through metallodielectric structures printed on flexible substrates.

In all cases, META’s breakthrough printing technologies allow, for the first time, production of metamaterials on a large scale at low cost.

META’s Advantages

  1. META’s proprietary roll-to-roll manufacturing processes allow large scale, low cost production.  Until the development of META’s advanced metamaterial printing technologies, metamaterial production has been analogous to the Gutenberg press, the printing one sheet at a time.
  2. META has worked for several years with the major manufacturers of proprietary polymer films and has a unique understanding of the capabilities and limitations of these materials.
  3. META has developed algorithms and libraries which allow us to design new applications quickly and effectively.
  4. META is well recognized in the industry, having established relationships with many current and potential partners to address the very large markets for each of its products.
  5. In partnership with Airbus, META has developed a commercial product, metaAIR, already in the commercial marketplace.

META’s Strategy

Because of its large potential markets, META’s core strategy is a B2B model where the company develops products in coordination with large established players capable of addressing the market.  In many cases, each of META’s products would be an enabling technology in end products, such as a film to improve solar panel performance. In other cases, META would manufacture a product to be registered, marketed, and distributed by a large partner, as with metaAIR and SATAIR.

META is disciplined in its choices of potential commercial applications and employs a road-mapped, staged product development approach that can be assisted by the acquisition of non-dilutive financing during development stages.

meta strategy image

Metamaterial Inc. Corporate Highlights

Value Proposition

Traditional industrial coatings are generally cheap to produce, highly commoditized, and achieve varying levels of performance. Some nano-coatings offer additional performance benefits but often contain rare earth metals, making them expensive and slow to produce.

By using advanced design and nano-patterning technologies, coupled with roll-to-roll manufacturing capabilities, META can produce products that are low cost, highly precise and in far higher volumes than competing technologies can produce. Significantly, META can achieve its production quality and scalability using zero rare earth metals, and yet META’s standard nanocomposites are able to out-perform rare earth metal coatings. When circumstance require META to use rare earth metals in its processes, a fraction of these raw materials, typically 2 to10 times less, can be used, resulting in thinner coatings that can, in turn, out-perform META’s standard nanocomposites.

META has invested 9 years and millions of dollars to develop a technology platform with its 3 core capabilities, holography, lithography and wireless sensing, and in the process has assembled a global team of top scientists and engineers.

META has been granted 39 patents in 27 patent families, and currently has 43 patent applications pending internationally.

META is working with Fortune 500 companies from diverse industries, from aerospace to medical and consumer electronics, utilizing a B2B business model that delivers purpose-built solutions as well as stand-alone products.

META is headquartered in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia with R&D Offices near Silicon Valley and London, UK.

Video: Metamaterial’s Technologies

Medical Applications with Future High Impact Capabilities

  • META’s wholly owned London UK subsidiary, MediWise (has been developing a bloodless glucometer, GlucoWise® (  to monitor blood sugar levels for diabetics.  GlucoWise® will be miniaturized to fit between the thumb and the index finger. It will be capable of taking up to 10,000 readings a second, essentially continuous readings, and then downloading the results onto the user’s smart phone. Since 2014, the company has been awarded UK £3.71 million by Innovate (full list of 11 awards). META’s GlucoWise® has also won a global competition by MIT and a EUR200k cash prize.
  • META is in discussions with large medical device companies to assist in the acceleration of regulatory approvals and in the commercialization of its medical products.

Metamaterial Science Highlights

Metamaterials are nanocomposite structures consisting of materials such as metals or plastics that have been designed and engineered to exhibit desirable properties not commonly, if ever, found in nature. Metamaterials can attain desired characteristics by incorporating structural elements of sub-wavelength sizes. These meta-atom structures can be as small as 5 nanometers (nm), or five billionths of one meter.

Metamaterials have the potential to transform the world around us by creating new compounds with unusual and exotic properties for unique applications. These materials can manipulate light in ways not possible in nature, creating new potential for light-related products and applications.

Markets that META is Enabling and Growth Trends

  • $4.1B by 2025 Metamaterials Market (Emerging market 43% CAGR)
  • $200B by 2030 Advanced/Smart Materials…


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