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Innovating since 1979:

Meadowlark Optics has been a leader in polarization optics for over 40 years. We provide world-class optical components, systems and custom engineering services using Liquid Crystal Waveplates, Dichroic Polarizers and True Zero-Order Waveplates.

We are polarization experts. If there’s a need to measure, manipulate or fix polarized light… we can help!

Product Manufacturing:

product family by Meadowlark Optics
We design, develop, and manufacture an extensive range of high quality polarization systems and components including Liquid Crystal Devices from the UV to MWIR. Standard products include Spatial Light Modulators (both transmissive and reflective), Waveplates, Shutters, Rotators, Variable Retarders, Optical Filters, Polarizers, Polarimeters, Pockels Cells and more. We also provide custom capabilities such as wavelength ranges, sizes, and sub-assemblies.

Engineering Services:

Meadowlark Optics is a world-class metrology and engineering services company. Our engineering staff has assisted in solving many difficult polarization related problems. If you know (or suspect!) the polarized nature of light is causing issues, ask us! We are here to help and be part of your polarization solution.

We provide precise measurements of polarization components and systems. Need your waveplate performance verified? Send it to us; we’ll measure any of your optical products for FREE!


Outstanding uniformity, tight tolerances and rigid adherence to specifications are found in everything we do. Our fabrication services include Waterjetting, Dicing, Shaping, Polishing, and more.

Custom Capabilities:

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Meadowlark Optics provides engineering services and custom solution for application-specific requirements. We pride ourselves on being innovators, not only with polarization, but also with metrology and product design. Our engineers and researchers have the knowledge and the tools to help ensure your project is a success.

Are you going to be in the Colorado area?
We invite you to come visit us and take a tour of our facility. Our founder — Tom Baur — or any of our other team members would love to chat!

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