Friday 12th August 2022

Luvumbo-Noah make Agostini’s rossoblù fly –


Midweek recovery for Cagliari by Alessandro Agostini who, having archived the defeat of measure with the leaders Rome, overcomes the Pescara.

curated by Francesco Aresu

TRIPLE BOO BY ZANOTTI: beautiful and very important victory for Cagliari Primavera which outstripped Pescara, thanks to a 1-2 signed by Luvumbo-Noah, perhaps the worst in the field among the rossoblùs but authors of the goals that allow Alessandro Agostini’s young players to consolidate the second place in the standings and to recover two points to Roma, recovered from 2-2 at home by Lecce.

92 ′ – 🟨 YELLOW FOR FALL, net foul on Longobardi launched to the right.

91 ‘- OPPORTUNITY CAGLIARI: Pulina’s corner from the left, Corsini’s header in the center of the area with the ball just outside.

⏱️ RECOVERY: the extra minutes allowed by Zanotti are 3.

90 ‘- CLAMOROUS CROSSING OF PESCARA! Great offensive action by the biancazzurri with the Salvatore-Longobardi combination, ball inside for Mandrone who hits the wood face to face with Aresti!

89 ‘- Cagliari’s quick counterattack started by Pulina, perfect long ball for Luvumbo who looks for Tramoni on the right with a very pretentious change of play, with Scipione anticipating the course.

87 ′ – 🟨 YELLOW to a collaborator of Agostini sitting on the rossoblù bench, punishment for Pescara.

85 ‘- Good corner kick gained by Cagliari with Pulina looking for the towers in the area, ball out for Sulis who shoots right but the Pescara defense replies.

84 ‘- 🔄 DOUBLE REPLACEMENT CAGLIARI: outside Masala and Carboni, inside Corsini and Caddeo.

83 ‘- Now Cagliari try to close the match, but once again too many balls lost.

81 ‘- 🔄 PESCARA REPLACEMENT: outside Amer Mehic, inside Bodje.

Deserved doubling for the guests with Noah, so far one of the worst among the rossoblùs, who concentrates by throwing a right plate without great pretensions that however mocked Lucatelli, really guilty in this situation. Cagliari forward again!


79 ‘- 🔄 CAGLIARI REPLACEMENT: outside Schirru, inside Pulina.

77 ‘- CAGLIARI OPPORTUNITY: the rossoblù try to press for the goal, Luvumbo once again gets on his own and hits with his right, but the ball ends up wide.

Pescara’s sensational draw has arrived, the only real scoring opportunity created by the new entrant, who mocked Iovu on dribbling and slips Aresti diagonally. After so many opportunities wasted by the rossoblù, here is the 1-1.


75 ′ – 🟨 YELLOW FOR COAL, tactical foul in the median of the Sassari midfielder.

74 ‘- Risks the Sulis omelette, who was about to give the ball to Crutch at the limit, Aresti remedies.

73 ‘- Luvumbo tries to show off, but the condition of the Angolan is still far from the best level.

71 ‘- Tramoni escapes on the left, ball in out: change of band for the two outside of the trident, with Masala passing to the right.

69 ′ – 🟨 YELLOW FOR MANDRONE, which stops the race of an excellent Carboni.

67 ‘- 🔄 DOUBLE SUBSTITUTION PESCARA: outside Lazcano and Scipioni, inside Mandrone and Colazzilli.

66 ‘- Danger for Cagliari after another lost ball, Salvatore’s counterattack but puts it out of bounds.

64 ‘- OPPORTUNITY CAGLIARI: Luvumbo does everything, ball retrieval at the limit and percussion in the area, strong but central right-footed shot for Lucatelli.

63 ‘- Cagliari restart with Carboni serving Luvumbo, yet another wrong support from the Angolan for Tramoni who is unable to control the ball, complete with a gesture of anger.

61 ‘- PESCARA OPPORTUNITY: lost ball from Cagliari on the trocar, cross from the right towards Amer Mehic who tries the shot in the area with Aresti who blocks everything.

58 ‘- Cagliari still forward, looking for the second goal but Pescara tries to break the rossoblù ball.

56 ‘- 🔄 DOUBLE PESCARA REPLACEMENT: inside Salvatore and Palmentieri, outside Dino Mehic and Postiglione.

55 ‘- CAGLIARI OPPORTUNITY: still rossoblù forward with the unstoppable Tramoni, serpentine in the area and ball towards the door but Lucatelli curls up and blocks it.

54 ‘- DOUBLE OPPORTUNITY CAGLIARI: first blow with Kourfalidis’ right foot rejected by Lucatelli, then Masala tries to lob backwards but Longobardi puts in a corner.

52 ‘- Masala tries to escape on the left, stopped foully by Postiglione: rossoblù in total control of the match, but you need to double to avoid taking risks.

50 ‘- Longobards stretches out on the right, Noah misses the intervention on home number 2 but Iovu puts a patch.

49 ′ – Still rossoblù in attack, Schirru tries the right from the edge but is deflected, then possession of the ball returns to the feet of the guests.

47 ‘- Immediately Cagliari forward with the trident, Tramoni for Masala, ball for Luvumbo who tries the bank for the number 11 but the measure is wrong.

46 ‘- The recovery starts!

🔄 CAGLIARI REPLACEMENT: outside Obert, inside Iovu.

ZANOTTI’S DOUBLE WHISTLE: The first half of the match between Pescara and Cagliari ends 0-1, thanks to Luvumbo’s goal, invented by Lisandru Tramoni. Match never in question, excellent management of possession for Agostini’s rossoblù who deserved also the second goal. See you soon for the story of the recovery!

43 ‘- OPPORTUNITY CAGLIARI: great rossoblù counterattack started by the excellent Carboni, unloading for Tramoni who takes the ball on the left-handed but shoots incredibly high from the center of the area!

41 ‘- Tramoni tries to ensnare Mehic with his continuous feints, unloading for Sulis who serves Kourfalidis, but the ball ends out.

38 ‘- Phase of the game with Cagliari that seems to relax for a moment with Pescara trying to sting, but so far without ever putting the rossoblù defense in difficulty.

35 ‘- Another Cagliari counterattack with Tramoni overtaking Scipioni with a sombrero, ball on the left for Masala who loses the moment for the shot and drags the ball out under pressure from Postiglione.

33 ‘- CAGLIARI OPPORTUNITY: quick restart of the rossoblù with Noah, ball on the other side of the area for Zito who leans to the limit for Kourfalidis’ right, crossed right plate that Lucatelli blocks in the grip.

32 ‘- PESCARA OPPORTUNITY: free kick from the left for Scipioni, ball that arrives in the area to Dino Mehic who shoots towards Aresti’s goal, deviation and corner for the Abruzzesi.

28 ‘- Almost textbook ball possession for the rossoblù, with all the departments involved and with the offensive trident always ready to light up on the trocar.

27 ‘- Shocking restart of Cagliari on the Kourfalidis-Masala axis, the captain’s field changes towards the number 11 who concentrates and tries the powerful southpaw, but the biancazzurra defense puts it in a corner.

26 ‘- Control of the match for Agostini’s boys, with a nice ball that Pescara tries to stop with stubbornness.

23 ′ – 🟨 YELLOW FOR MADONNA, The Pescara number 20 was booked for a bad foul on Carboni at the edge of the area. Punishment for Masala but the ball hits the barrier.

Deserved advantage for Agostini’s team who unlocks the match thanks to the Angolan striker’s goal, but the merit is all the usual Tramoni: great action of the course on the right, double dribbling and with the left-handed ball in the area where Luvumbo, a stone’s throw from line, can not fail to score.


18 ‘- Double mistake by Noah on the left, with the Swede who first misses the unloading on Masala, then lands Mehic for a dangerous free kick.

16 ‘- OPPORTUNITY CAGLIARI: yet another coil to the left of Masala, exhaust to the limit for Carboni’s left-handed who first puts very little to the side.

15 ‘- Luvumbo tries to escape on the left, Madonna spreads him out: punishment for Cagliari beaten by Schirru towards Noah, ball countered by the home defense.

14 ‘- Nice recovery in midfield by Lisandru Tramoni, amid protests from Pescara but Zanotti was close and rightly lets it go.

12 ‘- Great filter with Carboni’s left-handed winger for Luvumbo, but the ball escapes to the trocar and the Abruzzo defense can relaunch.

10 ‘- Palomba’s long ball for Luvumbo, but Zito is mocked by the wind and cannot control the ball which becomes Lucatelli’s prey.

8 ‘- Masala still lively in the Pescara area, ball for Luvumbo who, however, misses the…


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