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Stat Consult: Infertility in Women

[ad_1] Background Infertility is the inability to conceive after 1 year of frequent unprotected sexual intercourse It occurs in approximately 15% of reproductive-aged couples worldwide and is more ...

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Storyboard18 | Simply Speaking: Wisdom of crowds leading to a ‘reputation’ for a brand,

[ad_1] Reputation is the main output of collective intelligence. But who builds the reputation of the reputation builders? Learn how brands gain a reputation and how that is more important than eve...

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No evidence of increased mutations in the germline of a group of British nuclear test

[ad_1] Participants Blood samples were obtained as part of the Genetic and Cytogenetic Family trio (GCFT) study from the NT-control family trios of military men (veteran father, mother, child) who ...

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Southern Empire Resources : Management Discussion and Analysis | MarketScreener

[ad_1] Management’s Discussion and Analysis For the three and six months ended April 30, 2022 Dated: June 28, 2022 Southern Empire Resources Corp. Management’s Discussion & Analysi...

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Validating daily social media macroscopes of emotions – Scientific Reports

[ad_1] Golder, S. A. & Macy, M. W. Diurnal and seasonal mood vary with work, sleep, and daylength across diverse cultures. Science 333(6051), 1878 (2011). ADS  CAS  Article  Google Scholar  Ga...

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