Friday 19th August 2022

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Aphasia management: the role of GPs and speech therapists – InSight+

[ad_1] HOLLYWOOD star Bruce Willis’s sudden retirement from acting following a diagnosis of aphasia has cast a spotlight on the communication disorder, which experts say is often undertreated. Prof...

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SAR and optical images correlation illuminates post-seismic landslide motion after the

[ad_1] Daniell, J. E., Schaefer, A. M. & Wenzel, F. Losses associated with secondary effects in earthquakes. Front. Built Environ. 3, 30 (2017). Google Scholar  Newmark, N. M. Effects of earth...

April 15th, 2022 by

Google MUM update: What can SEOs expect in the future?

[ad_1] MUM is short for Multitask Unified Model and is a new technology for Google search first introduced in May 2021.  At the Search On 21 in fall 2021, the forthcoming rollout was announced, and...

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Combat Support: Western Intelligence and the Support for Ukraine

[ad_1] The tension between the United States of America and China does not depend on geopolitical issues, especially in Taiwan and the South China Sea, as other issues, such as: (electronic securit...

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The Pandemic Greatly Magnified Inequity – So What Now?

[ad_1] Medical staff push a patient on a gurney to a waiting medical helicopter amid the outbreak of the … [+] new Coronavirus, COVID-19. (Photo by SEBASTIEN BOZON / AFP) (Photo by SEBASTIEN ...

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