Thursday 11th August 2022

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One Year On, Many Mucor Survivors Can’t Chew & See | Bengaluru News – Times of India

[ad_1] BENGALURU: Manjunath, 71, survived Covid and mucormycosis during the devastating second wave in mid-2021. But he lost his upper jaw when the fungal debris had to be removed during the treatm...

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O-Arm Surgical Imaging System Market Overview, High Growth Opportunities, Segmentation,

[ad_1] Global O-Arm Surgical Imaging System Market provides current effects of COVID-19 on the global or regional O-Arm Surgical Imaging System market. The global O-Arm Surgical Imaging System mark...

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Deep 3D attention CLSTM U-Net based automated liver segmentation and volumetry for the

[ad_1] Data sources and patient demographics In this study, our dataset was obtained 191 abdominal CT data from liver transplant adult donors (mean age, 31 years ± 11 years; 58% male; mean weight, ...

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Eduardo Montaña Jr. Discusses Advancements in Pediatric Cardiology | OCNJ Daily

[ad_1] Eduardo Montaña Jr. is a lipidologist and a preventive pediatric cardiologist in Georgia. In the following article, Dr. Eduardo Montaña Jr. explains some of the exciting developments happeni...

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Dental Imaging Devices Market Key Vendors, Opportunities, Deep Analysis By Regional &

[ad_1] Global Dental Imaging Devices Market provides current effects of COVID-19 on the global or regional Dental Imaging Devices market. The global Dental Imaging Devices market share, competitive...

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