Thursday 11th August 2022

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The neuronal logic of how internal states control food choice – Nature

[ad_1] Ribeiro, C. & Dickson, B. J. Sex peptide receptor and neuronal TOR/S6K signaling modulate nutrient balancing in Drosophila. Curr. Biol. 20, 1000–1005 (2010). CAS  PubMed  Article  Googl...

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The Global Coronary Heart Disease Diagnostic Imaging Devices Market size is expected to

[ad_1] ReportLinker Coronary Artery Disease, also called CAD, is a cardiovascular disease caused by diminished or missing blood flow in the arteries that encircle and supply the heart, also known a...

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Surgical Imaging Market by Technology, Application, Share, Size, Growth, Demands, Revenue,

[ad_1] AUSTIN, Texas, July 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Surgical Imaging Market study by “Data Bridge Market Research” provides details about the market dynamics affecting the Surgical Imaging...

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Astro Bob: See northern lights in 3D, plus a July 5-6 aurora alert

[ad_1] In this image of the sun taken in ultraviolet (UV) light by the Solar Dynamics Observatory on July 3, the dark, eye-like gap is a large coronal hole where the solar wind is free to escape as...

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3D scanning: how Sony is driving innovative techniques

[ad_1] 3D scanning is evolving and Sony is leading the way. The field of photogrammetry – capturing high-definition 3D renders of objects, buildings and people, using images stitched together – has...

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